Frequently asked questions

Can I take my prescribed medication alongside homeopathic remedies?

Yes. I would never expect you to come off your medication without first discussing with your GP or Prescriber. Homeopathy can safely be used alongside conventional medicine, as they work on different levels and do not interact. However, every case is different and every person is unique, so this is something I would discuss with you at your consultation.

How many appointments will I need?

This will depend on many factors; what sort of illness you have, how long you have had it, and any other individual characteristics of the case. As a guideline, I would typically expect you to see me roughly once a month for three months to begin with, which will then be reviewed. As you progress, you may find that you no longer need treatment or that follow-ups are re-scheduled at progressively longer intervals. Some people in good health choose to visit just once or twice a year, just to make sure they are in optimum health.

Is Homeopathy available through the NHS?

Yes it is. There are in fact three homeopathic hospitals in the UK, in London, Glasgow and Bristol, and there are over 400 GPs practising Homeopathy who are regulated by the GMC and are members of the Faculty of Homeopathy. They treat around 200,000 NHS patients per year with Homeopathy. GPs are able to refer NHS patients to qualified and regulated Homeopaths.  Contact your GP or Primary Healthcare Trust to see if it is available in your area.

Is homeopathic treatment covered by insurance?

Yes. Most private health insurance companies and cash-plans consider homeopathic treatment a good investment. Here is a list of those that do. Contact them directly to find out their terms and conditions.


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Company name Contact tel no Details
Aviva 0800 015 1013 No GP referral required
BCWA 0800 294 7302 GP referral required
Best Health 0207 202 1390 No GP referral
BHSF Ltd 0208 628 3434 No GP referral
Cigna UK 01475 492187 Specialist referral
Civil Service Healthcare 0208 410 0440 GP referral required
Clinicare 01462 688100 GP referral may vary
Exeter Friendly Society 08080 556575 No GP referral
Healthnet 08703 504030 GP referral required
Healthshield Friendly Society Ltd 01270 588555 No GP referral
Healthsure 0800 1 696989 No GP referral
Hospital Saturday 01204 522775 GP referral required
HSF 0207 928 6662 No GP referral
IFL Signature 0800 316 1242 GP referral required
LHF 0800 980 3207 No GP referral
Medicash 0800 011 2222 No GP referral
Medisure 0870 333 1174 GP referral may vary
National Deposit Friendly Society 0117 973 9003 GP referral required
Paycare 01902 371000 No GP referral
PHS (Medicaid) 01234 267371 No GP referral
Pinnacle 0208 207 9100 No GP referral
Simply Health 08702 425454 No GP referral
Sovereign Health Care 01274 841130 No GP referral
Standard Life Health Care 0845 279 8877 GP referral required
Universal Provident Ltd 08448 730902 GP referral required
Westfield Health 0114 250 2000 GP referral required



Can I use Homeopathy at home?

Yes you can. You can buy homeopathic remedies in most health food shops and many chemists, and use these to treat first aid situations or minor illnesses. It is best to use a good reference  book when doing so, as you will find there are many different remedies for similar conditions and you need to be able to differentiate symptoms. A good starting point for self care with Homeopathy is to buy a remedy kit from one of the main homeopathic pharmacies. These have between 18-36 of the most commonly prescribed homeopathic remedies and a useful booklet in a convenient kit. Please contact me if you are interested, as I am often able to purchase these kits at a discount.