Gut Instinct

I am reading a great book at the moment called "Gut" by Guiulia Enders, who writes that the key to living a happy healthier life is inside us in our gut,  one of our most important and under rated organs. For example, increasingly there is more and more scientific research linking illnesses such as depression to our gut bacteria.

The brain gut connection is strong..... We all know the feeling of "butterflies in our tummy" when we are excited or nervous. Or how shock and grief may cause a halt in our appetite.

 In fact,  science is now suggesting that there are over 100 million neurons in our gut, and it often produces a physiological response in the body before we are aware of it! How powerful is that?

In homeopathic practice it is commonplace to see digestive disturbances alongside psychological states such  as anxiety,  stress and depression. Which is why treating these symptoms holistically, with attention to the whole person can have substantial benefits. Those irritating and often debilitating symptoms that a diagnosis of IBS for example, will be looked at holistically by a Homeopath and treated accordingly.